Have you ever thought about choosing a holiday destination and having it handled in a very personal way?


Have you ever thought about choosing a holiday destination and having it handled in a very personal way?

Oceantur Sportfishing Azores has a structured plan for you and your family to stay and activities on the island of São Miguel.

We have at your disposal our market knowledge in which we have invested in the last years, besides our sports fishing services and guided tours in our mini bus , we have several partnerships with hotels, restaurants, operators with radical activities, tours by land rails, diving , Observation of cetaceans and dolphins, etc., etc.


Ofshore/ inshore  Sportfishing on the sea

In the sport fishing activity we cover all possibilityes avaiable , from the big game fishing, jigging and night fishing on board the comfortable vessel “Rabão”, being possible to travel to other islands and to promote an activity already  known to be quite exciting !!!



Inshore/ lake fishing sportfishing

Our fishing activity have been increased to our services in our beautiful lagoons, the most common species are pike, carp , black bass and trout … imagine your family in a relishing day fishing on the banks of our lagoons … is something unforgettable !!!

It has also been done a program for coastal fishing from the cliffs that we have on land, it is possible in this type of fishing to capture several specimens, the most appealing being barracudas and the bluefish that can reach very considerable sizes and weights.


Mini Bus transfers & guided tours

In the guided tours we have at your disposal an in-depth knowledge of the best views, natural parks, lagoons and activities of our island, as well as a generalized information about our traditions, economy and life of our population, the trip in the comfortable mini bus Always for an excellent environment in which the dominant tone is the sympathy and the good disposition, the Mini bus is equipped with a lifting platform and mechanisms deretenção for greater security in the access and transport of wheelchairs to the interior of the vehicle.




We have in addition to these valences a 2 bedroom apartment in the city of Lagoa (about 10 km from Ponta Delgada) fully equipped for a comfortable stay with your family, about 20 meters from the apartment there are two restaurants, several supermarkets and health services.



Great people deserves great care !!!