Bigeye tuna

Bigeyes can be very abundant in the Azores . They normally weigh between 130 to 170 lbs, but some fish may be more than 300 lbs.


Bluefin tuna

This super strong and highly migratory fish is also frequently seen and occasionally captured in the Azores. Their presence is more difficult to detect because they spend a lot of time in deep water. They are often seen during the winter months when the water temperatures are a colder 15-16º C. Some fishermen believe that they are around all year, but being difficult to detect most of the time, also makes them difficult to catch.

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White Marlin

White marlin can be very abundant in Azores. They usually appear a little earlier than blue marlin, presumably because they can support slightly lower water temperatures. They are impressive fighters with light tackle rods and usually weigh around 50lbs.


Blue Marlin

Makaira nigrican

Just for interest, the scientific name ‘Makaira nigricans’ when the temperature of the water is 22⁰ C. Although most fish average around 500 lbs there is always the chance to see a fish of 1000 lbs+ which is known as a ‘grander’.



Marlin season is from mid July to early October when the sea water temperatures are at their highest. Their may still be plenty of big pelagic fish to target throughout October, but the deterioration of weather conditions during this period tends reduces the number of fishing days.