Big Game

The Azorean Sea is One of The favorite Destinations of the fans of Big Game Fishing.

Coastal Fishing

If you are looking for adventure and activities on the sea, fishing is an excellent opportunity during your holidays in the Azores.

Sete Cidades

The Azores are classified as the most beautiful destination in Portugal and the Most sustainable in the world.


About Us

OCEANTUR was born from the pleasure of fishing by two friends, who fished on a wooden boat. One day, they bought the Rabão boat, which was on land for 4 years, and this adventure began, 1 year to restore Rabão, new engines, and boat to the water.

It seems easy, a new company, and like any new company, it takes work and time to assert itself in the market.

Later, Carlos Linhares Fishing Tours Azores S.U. Lda. In order to continue the dream, and always with the desire to improve services. A van adapted for wheelchairs was purchased.

In 2018 a new boat “SCORPION” was acquired, it was situated in Malaga and sailed under the command of Carlos Linhares to the Azores, about 30 days of travel, 10 days of navigation, and 20 days of waiting for a long time in the various ports where we pass: Malaga, Gibraltar, Portimão, Porto Santo and arrival in Ponta Delgada.

Currently Carlos Linhares Fishing Tours Azores S.U. Lda. OCEANTUR is the largest sportfishing company in São Miguel.

Sea Activities

We offer many activities in the SEA such as Big Game Fishing, Bottom Fishing, Coastal Fishing, Shark Fishing, Fishing at Banco Dom João de Castro, Family Fishing, etc

Earth activities

Oceantur is a company exclusively for maritime activities, but if you want to do some activity on land we recommend the best companies in land activities.


We have some accommodations at your disposal. For more information contact us.

Partners & Sponsors

David this video is incredible!

We had no idea you were going to give us such a nice keepsake from our trip!! We couldn’t be happier with the day we had, but it’s all these extras (dinner, the photos, the video) that will make this an experience we’ll talk about for years and years to come. Again, couldn’t be more pleased.

If there’s anything we can help promotion wise for your company please let us know. And if you’re ever in London look me up, I think I owe you another drink or two.



Steve McEwen

I want to thank you for a great afternoon 16/8 2014.

It was a pleasure to fish on your boat with all of you. You have all great experience of BigGameFishing and you really made my day!

It was an awsome fight with the Big Eye Tuna, weight 141 kg!

I want to recommend you to everybody who loves fishing!

See you soon!

Best Regards


Magnus Andersson

During the Big Game Fishing Tournament 2013, I discover Azores islands and Bigeyes Tuna fishing with Captain Carlos, and it was a great experience !!!

Jamin Nicolas – Le Magazine des Voyages de Pêche – France