Boat Rabao


Welcome abord!

OCEANTUR – SPORT FISHING puts at your disposal the boat whose name is “Rabão”. One of the first Big Game fishing boats in the Azores that belonged to the first fishing company “Pescatur”. The boat is internationally recognized for its catches and records of fish as well and the luck that brings to the occupants during the activity.

Rabão is operated by Captain Carlos Linhares, a very experienced and bilingual local fisherman with more than a decade of fishing experience. The boat is equipped with the latest navigation and safety technologies. The boat Rabão is anchored at the bay of Ponta Delgada.


Boat Specification:

  • Boat mark and model: Pacemaker

  • Length: 10 meters / 33ft

  • Boat motor power: 430ph

  • width: 3 meters / 11.4 ft

  • Maximum speed: 22

  • Person capacity: 4 person

The boat Rabão have fish finder, GPS, radar and VHF radio equipment, as well, all the equipment necessary to guarantee the safety a board as life jackets, first-aid equipment, fire extinguishers, flares and life raft. On board the boat has two beds, flybridge, kitchen, bathroom and multimedia system.