Big Game Fishing

The Azorean sea is one of the favorite destinations of the fans of big game fishing. If you are looking for adventure and activities on the sea Big Game fishing is an excellent opportunity during your holidays in the Azores. Join us for an unforgettable tour at the sea with a lot of fun and all the professionalism as usual. This fishing trip in São Miguel provides you a unique and unforgettable experience capturing different species of fish.

About the Tour:

The Azores Sea is a favorite spot for sport fishing lovers and we will show you why. As our sea is influenced by the Gulf Stream, sport fishing is a great success. Several species, during their migratory route, pass through our waters, large pelagics such as blue marlin, white marlin, dorado, Indian mackerel, and other tuna species: Bluefin tuna, bigeye tuna, yellowfin, and bonito.

In big game fishing, we practice trolling, in this technique the boat navigates the fishing spots we choose at speeds between 7 and 10 knots, we use five rods with artificial samples chosen according to the target species and the fishing season, if there is a shot, the fisherman sits in the combat chair and this is his moment, enjoy with the support of our crew.

For this activity we have at your disposal the Boat “SCORPION” equipped with 6 PENN 130 lbs, two PENN 80 lbs, 2 PENN 50 lbs, and with SUFIX lines made by IGFA.

Vessel “RABÃO” equipped with 4 SHIMANO 130 lbs, 2 SHIMANO 80 lbs, and with SUFIX lines dented by IGFA.

These boats are equipped with the latest navigation and safety technology. For a more sustainable practice, we are apologists for the “catch and release” concept. We caught the fish to watch it and take pictures and then released it again into the sea alive.

Join OCEANTUR for a fantastic and relaxing day with friends, fishing on the island of São Miguel. The Azores archipelago is considered one of the best places for fishing in the world, where a wide variety of marine species pass.

Come with us and see!

Important Information:

  • This experience is suitable for all levels of experience. Do not worry if you have no experience, because our experienced and dedicated team will teach you everything;
  • Big game fishing can be done every day, as long as sea conditions are suitable;
  • The most common species in the big game in the Azores are: Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Wahoo, Common Dolphinfish and several species of tuna such as Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye, Albacores and Skipjack tuna;
  • The best time of the year to catch the tuna starts at April and ends at July;
    The best time of the year to catch Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Wahoo and Common Dolphinfish begins in August and ends at October;
  • The big game fishing tour can be done as a half a day (04:00h) or a full day (08:00h);
  • Maximum of 4 people for boat Rabão;
  • Maximum of 8 people for boat Scorpion.

Duration :
Half Day – 4:00h / Full Day – 8:00h

Don´t forget:

  • Sunscreen;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Hat;
  • Comfortable clothes inclusive rain jacket;
  • Camera to remember all the fun!

What´s Included:

  • Briefing
  • Insurance
  • All Fishing Equipment
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic beverages) and sandwiches
  • Lunch
  • Experienced Captain
  • Fishing License
  • Marine Touristic License by the Azores Tourism Board