Fishing at Banco Dom João de Castro

If you are looking for adventure and activities on the sea fishing is an excellent opportunity during your holidays in the Azores. Join us for an unforgettable tour at the sea with a lot of fun and all the professionalism as usual. This fishing trip in São Miguel provides you a unique and unforgettable experience capturing different species of fish.

This fishing excursion begins with a long boat trip to a submerged volcano area located between S. Miguel and Terceira island, even the none of them are visible through this spot. During the trip it is common to be pleased by several species of dolphins and whales.
This volcano, now submerged, had its last eruption in 1720 and the top of it is about 13 meters deep, 250 meters high and 1.5km in diameter. It is a great place for diving and fishing as we can witness the richness of the Azorean sea. The crystalline waters are very favorable to find several species and shoals of fish, as Yellowmouth Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Greater Amberjack, Wahoo, among many others.
For fishing in the Azores, go to the right place and a little bit of patience is the key to success. In addition, we have all the fishing equipment to ensure a good experience! On board our boats have at your disposal drinks and light meals during a half day tour and for a full day tour we provide lunch with drinks inclusive.
The boats are fully equipped with the latest technologies in navigation and security. For a more sustainable fishing practice, we are apologists for the concept “Catch and Release”. We take the fish out of the water to observe it and take photos and then we return the fish to the sea. The customer can choose to keep the catch and take it home.
Join us to spend a great and relaxing day in family or with friends fishing in São Miguel. The Azores is considered one of the best of the world locals for fishing and provides an extensive variety of sea species.
Allow us to show you!

Important Information:
This experience is suitable for all levels of experience. Do not worry if you have no experience, because our experienced and dedicated team will teach you everything;
This fishing can be done every day, throughout the year, as long as sea conditions are suitable;
The most common species in fishing at Banco Dom João de Castro are: Yellowmouth Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Greater Amberjack, Wahoo, among many others;
This fishing excursion at the Bank Dom João de Castro takes approximately 18 hours;
Maximum of 4 people for boat Rabão;
Maximum of 8 people for boat Scorpion.

Don´t forget:

  • Sunscreen;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Hat;
  • Comfortable clothes inclusive rain jacket;
  • Camera to remember all the fun!


Duration :

  • Approximately 18 hours

What´s Included:

  • Briefing;
  • Insurance
  • All fishing equipment;
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic beverages) and sandwiches;
  • Lunch;
  • Dinner;
  • Fishing license;
  • Maritime tourist license;
  • Experienced captain;
  • Experienced team/ deck mate.