Be Welcome

OCEANTUR puts at your disposal a van with 8 seats ideal for a group of friends or family. A comfortable and accessible van with individual air conditioning, with dark windows, DVD monitor and music player.


We make excursions in adapted transport and equipped with hydraulic lifting platform, following specific itineraries and points of tourist interest. The van is fully equipped for entrance and exit of wheelchair, practical and recommendable way, using a hydraulic lifting platform of elevation of 300kg. The wheelchair is secured to the vehicle floor through a security mechanism.



We invite you to visit the most beautiful places of the island with us. With accompaniment of local guides who will show you all the charms of São Miguel Island. Wonderful views, hot springs, thermal baths local heritage and traditions, tasty local gastronomy, stories and legends among with the best hospitality of the people who will make sure that your trip will be a unique experience.